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About this site

This is the University Information Services (UIS) central password management service. Use this site to manage your password which gives you access to a wide range of University systems, including Raven based websites, Exchange Online email and Desktop Services including the Managed Cluster Service (MCS).


Change your Raven password

Change your Raven password by logging in using Raven, or by using a password reset token.
If you have just completed your student registration, log in with your temporary Raven password.
It can take up to 30 minutes (3 hours if this is the first time you've changed it) for your password to update.

Login Login using Raven

Use token Use a password reset token

Forgotten your password?


New staff and students

If you are a new member of staff or a new student, you may collect your password from Jackdaw.

New user Collect your initial password



Managing your account

Log in using Raven to manage your account settings, including your Raven password recovery options.

Login Login using Raven